SCORE: Successfully Navigate Government Contracting by Allied-SCSS

January 22, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Bill Priest Development Center
1402 Corinth Street Road
Dallas, TX 75215
SCORE: Successfully Navigate Government Contracting by Allied-SCSS @ Bill Priest Development Center | Dallas | Texas | United States

180122 Successfully Navigate Government Contracting by Allied-SCSS

SCORE Dallas and Allied-SCSS are joining together for a Workshop that can help YOU get Government Contracting for your business

To succeed in Government Contracting you have to have a plan. Allied’s, How to Successfully Navigate Government Contracting class can provide you with a plan you need to tackle some common issues. Remember, its rarely a question of IF the Government buys your proproduct or service, but HOW MUCH of your product service the Government buys!

The goal of the course is to prepare Small Business to address:

  • Late Bid Notifications & Trouble Identifying Contracting Opportunities
  • Lack of Access to Working Capital
  • Trouble Acquiring Bonding and Insurance
  • Improperly Estimating or Pricing Services
  • Unsuccessful Networking with Prime Contractors & Other Small Business
  • Poor Marketing to Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Unable to Build Capacity for Larger Jobs
  • Misunderstanding Federal and State Certifications
  • Missing Mandatory Pre-bids
  • Lack of Proposal & Presentation Assistance
  • Issues Managing Contract Funds on Net 30s or Net 60s

Key Elements:

CMBL Profile

SAM Profile

NIGP Codes


Socioeconomic Certifications

Capabilities Statement

DUNS Number

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