How to Start a Business using eBay

October 28, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Collin College Courtyard
4800 Preston Park Blvd
Plano, TX 75093
How to Start a Business using eBay @ Collin College Courtyard  | Plano | Texas | United States
3 – 3 hour classes (9 hours total)  Saturday’s
Course Description:
Learn the rules and requirements needed to start your own eBay business. You will learn eBay selling policies, equipment needed to start your own business, how to create a successful auction and title, eBay’s Feedback System, listing strategies, sourcing product, business practices, setting up online payment methods, and auction management. Learn about eBay and Paypal registrations, interactive customer service, market research and determining the Fair Market Value of your product and pricing in the eBay community. Focus on digital images and techniques for obtaining them, auction creation and timing. Participate in an online search of your own products, register as an eBay seller and register to accept online payments.
Course Objectives
1. Understand the history & purpose of eBay
2. Identify the differences in eBay Buying & Selling accounts
3. Identify the differences in PayPal accounts
4. Understand research capabilities of eBay
5. Understand the basic requirements for starting a business
6. Identify the requirements for a home office
7. Establish a product line / identify merchandise needs
8. Create detailed product descriptions
9. Create inventory photographs
10. Understand the Sell-Your-Item form layout
11. Understand pricing strategies for merchandise
12. Determine pricing of merchandise
13. Complete first auction
14. Monitor listing and follow-up on questions
15. Accept payment
16. Pack and ship
17. Leave feedback
18. Utilize advanced eBay tools
19. Market eBay business
20. Detect trends in online businesses
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