June 24, 2021 @ 12:26 pm – 1:26 pm
If you have questions on for to increase leads, this workshop is for you:
  • Why does my website produce few/no leads?
  • Can I improve the design of my website?
  • How to audit my website free?
  • Do I need social media to succeed, which ones?
  • How to avoid advertising PPC (pay per click) charges?
  • What topics should I advertise on PPC? Do I need a blog
  • Where on the web must I be listed?
  • What factors do Google/Bing use to decide which sites appear free on page one of a search report?
Here are some of the topics that will be covered: 
  • Analyze your web competition – see why they are beating you!
  • Determine optimum language for each page – what keywords rule!
  • Design each web page to be found – the 5+ repetition rule
  • Track your progress using ranking & other tools
  • Why Google analytics & alerts are critical and how to set up.
  • Monitor your online reviews (which are most important)
  • Set up your web footprint to be found
  • Keep up to date with the constant changes which occur
In addition . . .  Full notes and free tools will be emailed to all participants so you can easily apply the principles covered from home.