Putting Our “People” Game Face On – Getting Stronger as We Emerge from the Pandemic

COVID Threats

From the broad view of all my clients and my 30 years of business leadership, COVID has challenged everything we try to protect in life. The health and safety of our families, our business economic stability, and everything we worked so hard to develop in our businesses:

  • Our employee base,
  • Our customer base,
  • Our dreams and opportunities

These have all been put at risk. The measure of who we are as a generation of business leaders may well be determined by how well we rise from the crisis of COVID19 and how we lead our people to move forward successfully.

But we leaders cannot do it alone.  Our people and how we manage them, in my opinion, will determine both the trajectory and the extent of our success.

Sharpen Our Focus

The focus must be on what we can do and not on things we have no control over in our environment – business, economic or otherwise. Here is the basic game plan of empowering our people which we will enforce in our webinar:

  • Build stronger teams,
  • Have more effective communication,
  • Ensure you have clear expectations and goals,
  • Cleanly define roles and accountability to be successful,
  • And produce more solid measurement of performance within our human resources at every level and in every department.

For my clients, business owners and management team members in a broad spectrum of industries, never has it been more important to be getting the most ROI possible out of their investment in their people.

We must align our people and their personal and profession goals with our company’s goals.  That is the key to the success process. Doing so will allow each individual and team to contribute to the company at the highest level possible for that person and team.


The Theme for Emerging from Covid19 is: The Time is NOW!

Most of us cannot afford to wait this out to see maybe yes or what could be.  It is time now to be decisive. Our people need our leadership!


We Do not Have to Re-Invent the Wheel

There is no need to abandon those things that  have been proven to be true and that continue to work now for building stronger organizations. But we must do it better especially if our organization and structure was weak before Covid19. Make an honest assessment or find a third party who will.

The fundamental steps of leading people through organizational development still apply; to include:

  • Define Clearer Business Goals
  • Re-Assess Available Talent
  • Boldly make Organizational Changes That Can Make a Difference
  • Do not Fear Failure. Pick Yourself up and Move on.
  • Establish Clearer Lines of Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability
  • Make Sure We are Matching the Right Person to the Right Job
  • Train People for Success
  • Set Up the Management Team Meeting Process
  • Get the Highest Level of Contribution from Individuals and Teams
  • Support Greater Collaboration – Getting Better Results
  • Understand the Principles of Building Systems & Processes Around ROI
  • Explore What Incentivizing Excellence Could Mean for Their Company

Taking these steps that have been proven to work and making them part of your re-emergence will ensure you are prepared to come out stronger from this Covid19 downturn.

Let us lead the way!

CARES Program blog contributed by:

Jerry Llewellyn, consultant at RMoon Consulting, has more than 30 years of successful management and consulting experience assisting key corporate executives and business owners to create strong corporate cultures characterized by solid accountability, productivity, and high quality results.