The 3 Most Important Steps to Amplifying Your Social Media Content Creation

Warren Buffet once said, “It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”

Clients and friends ask me all the time – what’s the secret to social media? The short answer is impactful content. The long answer requires that we peel back all the amazingly curated feeds and look at the processes behind them.

Fortunately, you can easily learn and implement these effective processes to save yourself tons of time and maximize the impact of your social media content. Social media can be very overwhelming, and my goal with all of my clients is to demystify the social content creation process – to take the guesswork out and free up energy for the real work of doing business.

With over 20 years of working with small businesses, start ups and fellow entrepreneurs, as well as several Fortune 500 companies – and through a lot of trial and error of my own – I’ve discovered the steps that you can take to amplify your social media content creation: authenticity, consistency and strategy.



First and foremost, you must be authentic! This means that you know what makes your business unique and how that translates to your customer. My first step when I take on a new client is determining their target audience.

To begin, you need to figure out the problem that your product or service solves – and who has that problem! You don’t want to try and appeal to everyone. Instead, you want to make sure your content is tailored to your target audience so they feel you are talking directly to them – so they are instantly attracted to what you’re saying, how you say it and what you stand for.

One of my students, a realtor, saved an immense amount of time – and discovered more customers – by getting very specific about the unique appeal of her vacation rentals. Now, she gets most of her bookings through social media!  Through this method, she’s learning to amplifying her social media content.


Secondly, consistency is key. If you want to look professional and cut through the noise of social media, you need consistent branding, including colors, fonts, logo and messaging. I always work with my clients to build out a branding guide and ensure all pieces of the company are moving forward in lockstep.

The most powerful aspect of consistency is staying on script with topics that are relevant to your brand. Rather than posting anything and everything, you need to narrow down the types of content you are sharing – carve out a niche and define what you want to be known for!

Just as you want to speak directly to your audience, you want to highlight the unique value that your brand brings to its customers. This will look vastly different for a baker than for a lawyer or a tech startup. Pinning down the content types that are relevant to your brand will give you focus and clarity as to what consistent content looks like for you.



Have you ever scrolled social media and saw a post then thought, “So what?” Your followers may love your consistent content with your distinct brand voice but all that love may not be translating into business growth. If you want more growth and engagement, you’ve got to give them a call to action.

Need new leads? Encourage your current fans to share your content so you can reach their followers. Need to sell a product? Drive traffic to your ecommerce page. Your calls to action are a reflection of your business goals. By giving your audience explicit instructions, you are able to drive business results with your social media content.


My secret to rocking it on social media, you ask? It comes down to these 3 steps and adding a process. You have to look past the dazzling social media feeds that are giving you Instagram envy. They simply know their audience, they post content consistently and they have a strategy where their social media goals align with their business goals. Thus, you can be amplifying your social media content creation too!

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Kasia Johnson, founder of Merge Forward, is an accomplished and reputable out-of-the-box thinker with 14 years of experience in creative execution and team management from large corporations to boutique firms. She is an expert at building authentic client relationships and knows how to deliver with dedication. She is a creative and driven problem solver with a proven track record of bringing new light to projects.

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