Leadership in the Era of Change

The Impact of COVID-19

Things appeared to be improving but there may be another step back.  But we know at some point, with vaccines and improved medicine, we will turn the corner. The business closures will end, employee health concerns and economic uncertainty will improve as we find that slowly and surely the grip of COVID-19 is weakening on American businesses.

The devastation brought on by the disease, however, still poses one of the biggest obstacles to getting back to normal. Now we must do what we can to get back on track and deal with the realities in the marketplace. It is a time when we need real business leadership, not just from the CEO’s of the Fortune 500, but from every small business owner chomping at the bit to get back to the growth trajectory they were on at the start of 2020. While the sickness is still real, and people are still afraid, business owners must take this slow time to plot their emergence and ready themselves for the new year.  The opportunities abound.

Business owners should consider their personal power to get beyond just running and managing the business.  Employees and clients need business owners to step out front and lead.  It is difficult to be an optimist while the world is in turmoil, but that is the role that is most vital now as we move forward. And small businesses must take the lead. Businesses with fewer than 500 workers account for 99.7 percent of all businesses in the U.S.

This crisis we are in can present new business to owners.  Some companies have failed.  It is sad but it presents an opportunity for someone else.  Before we come back in full, it’s a good time for owners to re-think their business models, shed the problem employees or the bad practices of the past and take charge of making positive changes and create newly  inspired growth.  This is what leaders do.  They get out in front of the change and they say, “Follow me!”

Steps to Emerge Successfully 

  1. Doing Business Amid Chaos
  2. Getting in Front of Major Changes
  3. Figuring Out What to Do First
  4. Teambuilding
  5. Coaching and Delegating
  6. Improving the Business
  7. Finding Profit Leaks

This is a kick start for owners to take away ideas and take the mindset that they will get back to being as good or better than before.

The outlook for growth in almost all business sectors is positive once we turn the corner. Being one of the leaders to make this happen is the chief role of business owners today.