Business Templates & Downloads

Getting Started

Documents to help determine if your business concept will work and make money

  • Feasibility Comparison– Is it the right idea for you? Does the business idea have a market? How many competitors are in that market? How much money will be needed to finance the start-up?
  • Start-up Expense Calculator – Excel spreadsheet that will help assess how much money will be needed to start the business
  • Resource Page - Information on: County Clerks, Chambers of Commerce, Secretary of State, Texas Workforce Commission, US Dept. of Labor, Business permits/licenses, IRS, State Comptroller’s Office, State Board of Insurance, TX Dept. of Economic Development


Business Plan

Everything you need to write your business plan effectively


Financial Worksheets

Financial components and worksheets for your business plan


Marketing Plan

Worksheets that make creating a marketing plan easier

  • Elements of a Marketing Plan - This document reviews the business concept, target market, industry trends, marketing goals, SWOT, tactics to implement the strategies, and how to measure results with these marketing efforts.
  • SWOT Analysis Template– A worksheet to help you determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of not only your business but of your competitors as well.
  • Target Market Analysis - You will define your target market with this document which will also help you maximize your marketing efforts.


SBA Loans

Types and methodology to obtaining an SBA guaranteed loan

  • Loan Package Checklist - List of the typical types of documents a bank will request when considering an SBA guaranteed loan and a conventional loan.
  • Key Points to Borrowing Money - This article discusses the 5 main elements that banks review to see if you are worthy of a business loan.
  • Preferred Lenders Program – Contact information for the banks in our area that are SBA Preferred Lenders.


Alternative Financing

Other ways to obtain funds to grow a business


Buying a Business

Important tools when considering the purchase of a business

  • Franchises – Franchising can be a great alternative if you want to have some guidance in the start-up phase of the business.
  • Valuing a Privately-Held Business – While there are various several valuation approaches, the most commonly used method is the Multiple Of Seller’s Discretionary Earnings.
  • Buying a Business – Discussion of streps to starting the purchase of a business, advantages to choosing an existing business and doing your due diligence.
  • Checklist for Buying a Business – Top 20 things you’ll need to have or know before buying a business.



More valuable documents and resources for your business


Templates and forms can be downloaded  to help in business planning.  Materials, services or products offered by this SBDC do not imply or constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the SBDC, but is only intended to be a convenience for you. You must perform your “due diligence” by reviewing all materials to determine if they meet your needs.




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