Businesses have received a huge blow in 2020. So, through the Collin SBDC, national experts will help local businesses better compete, advance, recover, elevate, and succeed in 2021!  Receive paid customized training and consulting through us and the Collin SBDC CARES Program.

The Collin SBDC CARES Program was formed as a way to help companies regain marketshare, improve their competitive edge and increase revenues.   The program will start in January 2021, with a  seminar series, open to the public, covering topics of human resources, marketing, management, restaurants, retail, sales and online strategies.

Program Benefits:

  • Advance your understanding of 2021 business trends
  • Learn to diagnose new challenges in your business
  • Identify hacks that make the best use of your time and money
  • Increase the probability of sustainable growth

Program Process:




The intent of the program is for local companies to first attend our seminar series to learn the best ways to improve productivity, learn new sales techniques, and increase profitability.  We then encourage Collin and Rockwall county businesses and residents to complete a CARES Application (available in January 2021).  Once applications are reviewed, we will connect applicants to the customized consulting and training that only the Collin SBDC and our CARES experts can provide.

Learn More:

Apply in January to receive customized consulting and other specialty resources at no cost. The CARES program will help your business compete, advance, recover, elevate, and succeed in 2021.

For immediate assistance, complete the Collin SBDC Client Needs Assessment.