Customer Care = Increased Sales

Do you know that it costs 5x more to find a new customer than to keep your current customers (customer care is extremely important)? 

The probability to sell to your existing customer is 70% vs. new customer is 5% to 20%.

Existing customers are 50% more likely to buy a new product at about a 31% higher price.

Customer Care Plan:

First, do you have your customers’ data in an electronic format?  If not, enter the data now!  This ensures you have the information at your fingertips whether at the office or on the go.

Second, set up a Client Contact Calendar to include the following:

  1. Send monthly emails with worthy information not just selling to them.
  2. Review previous year’s sales and personally contact the customer 2 months prior to the month they bought.
  3. Personally, if possible, deliver a gift to your top 10 clients at the holidays.
  4. Reach out with email marketing for all major holidays.
  5. Write handwritten thank you notes to customer spending over a designated amount.
  6. Utilize the right social media channels to stay connected and promote timely specials, new product introductions and customer referral incentives.

Key Steps to Maintain Customer Relationships while Working Remotely:

LISTEN to your staff.  Why?  Focus on building an inclusive, empathetic culture from the top down to show them that you care.  Host team or one-on-one virtual meetings to continue the ongoing inspiring communications…. have a virtual Happy Hour.

LISTEN to your customers deeper than you have ever listen to in the past.  Why?  The customer today is experiencing change and feeling uncertain as well.  Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Listen with EMPATHY.

EDUCATE and LEARN the changes required that affect your customer such as buying online and virtual meetings.  Dig deep and ask “What changes is your customer experiencing when doing business with your company? “ Make it as easy for them to continue the relationship with your company.

Software Options:

Email marketing:

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM):

Please note that we do not recommend or endorse any of the companies above.  The information is for informational examples only.   We recommend that you perform your due diligence by reviewing the software and the development company to decide if they meet your needs.

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